How I Rate

I review books by stars.

0- Worst Book I've Ever Read.

1- I didnt like it

2- It was Alright

3- I liked it but had some major problems

4- It was great! But with some small problems

5- Great book no bad parts, amazing

I will probably never rate a book a 0 star but you never know. Also sometimes I give book a .5 at the end and I will tell you what I mean by that.

1.5- It was ok but not good enough to be bearable.

2.5- I liked it a bit more than a two but still not enough for a 3.

3.5- It was a really good read and only had a few problems that doesnt make it a 4.

4.5- A great read but had about 1 or 2 problems that were too big to make it a 5.

And what I always do is this:

I just type the summary to the beginning of my review then I tell what I rate it. Then I say why I rated that and I seperated my reviews to three topics: Characters, Plot, Overall.

In characters I tell what I thought of them and if I liked them.

In that plot I tell them what I thought of the pace, the events, and the beginning, middle and end.

For the Overall I tell them what I thought of the book as a whole and sometimes I tell what ages should read it and what ages shouldnt read it.

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