Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Update: Changes!

Alright so I took a good look at my blog recently and saw that to me it was a bit boring. So I decided to do some adjusments to my blog to make it better. Below I will list a bunch of things that I could do and you can comment which ones you would like and which ones you wouldnt and say why so that at the end of this month I can make some changes to better my blog. I would really appreciate your feedback :D

  • Book Hauls - I get a lot of books. But I usually don't do book hauls here. I was thinking that it would be fun to start.
  • Monthly Book Recomendation - I read maybe 3 or 4 books a month. I could do a post every end of the month recommending the best book I read of that month.
  • Monthly Favorites - My favorite books, characters, writing style, and cover and you could put more categories in your comment that I could add.
  • Disscussions - They'd be basically another review of a book but with spoilers for people that read the book to know how I felt about it and maybe we could talk about the different points of the book.
  • YouTube - Now this is something I have been thinking about a lot. I have an account already but no videos up. I do think that I will end up doing this one way or another bur I still want to know what others think. Would you watch and or subscribe?
  • Author Spotlight - Just me spotlighting one author that month. Giving their story of how they became an author and their books.
  • Current Read - This segment would be just me saying what page I am on, on a certain book and telling you what I like and don't like so far.
  • More Author Interviews - I could contact more authors and put up their interviews here since my first one was so much fun
  • Memes - I've seen many bloggers do it and I think it would be a fun way for you to get to know me more. If you choose this please leave some memes that I could do.
Alright those are all my ideas. If you have more ideas that I could do please feel free to share and I'll most definately think about it. Be completely honest about your answers and I'd greatly appreciate a lot of feedback on this. I will decide by the end of the month so you have 27 more days!



  1. your blog is GORGEOUS. I especially like the header--that picture is So beautiful!

  2. also, I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. :) For more info click here http://leopardkittybooks.blogspot.ca/2012/09/liebster-blog-award-once-again.html

    1. Thank you but I already did it :) Thank you for nominating me anyway though! :D

  3. I love being jealous of people book hauls and many people enjoy that so that will boost your comments. Also will memes you would get into the community. Don't force yourself on things you don't want to do, remember! Do things at your pace, but this ideas sound all wonderful. :)

    Happy reading from the ranterer.

  4. I would say memes, book hauls, and the youtube idea. The youtube will aid those who are more of a visual follower to get to follow you on youtube and have more followers on your content. Book hauls: another incentive to bring followers and it is a reward incentive. Memes because: sometimes books have their general little subtle humor. Or something. For example: could totally see a meme of Jane Eyre saying "listen I am not that type of governess". :D I like your blog so keep it going.