Thursday, July 19, 2012

Author Interview: Ray East

Yay, this is my first author interview and its with the co-author of Valuspa: A Magical World. She actually sent me the book and after I finish my current read I will start that book. Because after I read the sypnopsis I became completely obsessed! So I asked her a few questions and she answered them :)

1. Where did you get your inspiration for your book?
Personally, I am a huge fan of the fantasy genre. And when I decided to write, I subconsciously chose this genre. I wanted to create this magical world which would be fundamentally similar to ours but yet so exotically different that it will capture the fancy of the readers. I also wanted to showcase the character of Amy as a constantly growing, learning, strong individual – a very ordinary girl who chooses an extraordinary life.

2. I understand you are a self published author. Was it hard to do publish your book?
I wanted to get my book out early and did not have the patience to wait for years, wishing that the book will be published by a Publishing house. Once that decision was made, I read some articles on self-publishing like J.A. Konrath’s self-publishing articles. Amazon’s self-publishing platform made the rest easier.

3. Where did you get the title Vo
luspa: A Magical World?
The name ‘Voluspa’ was derived from an old Nordic poem and both I and my co-author liked the name and decided to name the magical realm after it.

4. What age groups can read this book?
Age Groups 10 and up.

5. Can you give a brief synopsis of the book?
VOLUSPA-A Magical World’, is a YA fantasy. It is a crossover between urban fantasy and paranormal romance with a mythological and dystopian twist. This book showcases a unique coming of age story of a fifteen year old girl who struggles with the ramifications of forbidden love, obscure parentage and in essence struggles to find her place in a world that is threatened by her very existence.
6. Will there be a second book?
I am at present working on the second book in the Voluspa series. It should be available sometime in November.

7. How did you come up with the characters? What they looked like, their personalities etc. Was it hard?
Like countless other teenage girls, I had a difficult time during my pre-teen and early teen years. I had major body issues and even suffered with eating disorders. During those years, I often fantasized about escaping to an alternate universe where I could start life afresh or find acceptance. My imagination was further fuelled by the countless number of books I devoured growing up, especially since they were my only constant companions. Thus when the time came to put words down to paper, I found myself creating a fantasy world – a place so magical that it had the power to heal even the most troubled souls. Talking about troubled souls, the main two protagonists of my story, Amy and Drake, definitely fit the bill. Amy has a hard childhood, feeling unwanted and unloved whereas Drake’s childhood is shadowed by impossibly high expectations imposed on him by his father. The two meet when Amy crosses over realms to land up in Voluspa and they connect from the very beginning.

8. What would you say was your favorite part about writing this book?
My stories are my way of connecting with the younger generation. Getting feedback from a young reader telling me that she/ he completely related to my character, that’s the best feeling.

9. What advice do you have for young writers wanting to write their own books?
Write a good book; put your best work out there. Identify your target audience, find ways
to engage them and market your book intelligently. I am not saying that you should go
bankrupt while marketing your book. It is said that a successful book is 10% writing a
book and 90% excellent marketing.

 This book sounds so good and I really can't wait to read it and then tell you all what I think! I hope you guys enjoyed this interview and I won't put the summary here because I'm going to put in on my review :)

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