Monday, May 28, 2012

Incredibly Alice by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

It’s the last semester of senior year, and while Alice and most of her friends are out looking for prom dresses, another classmate is shopping for a wedding dress—with room enough for a baby bump. But “till death do us part” won’t be coming out of Alice or Patrick’s lips for a long time—especially because Patrick is about to leave for Spain, and prom night could be the last time they’re together until the following summer! Still, Alice isn’t sure how “memorable” she wants the evening to be…. Full of the ups and downs of being a teen—and all the big and small moments along the way—Alice’s senior year is something readers have long been waiting for. Will graduation feel like the end of childhood...or the beginning of something new?

I gave "Incredibly Alice" a solid 2.5 Stars. Characters: The characters I honestly didnt like much because thy werent believable to me. They always got everything they wished for and that doesnt happen in life a lot. They also didnt have to deal with any drama like bullies maybe they had to deal with one or two but it just seemed to me that there life was just too perfect. Plot: The plot was about nothing at all to me. It was just random rambling about their senior year. I would have liked the story better I think if it had a specific thing to focus on. It still had those moments that gripped me and wouldnt let me go. Overall: Overall I really dont have a lot to say about this book other than that I dont really recommend this to people but if your looking for a short summer read and really dont mind a book about nothing in particular its good for you. It still had enough moments that kept me at the edge of my seat that made me give it at least 2.5.

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